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Behind the Episodes


season one: give me life

episode one: keli garza

Keli Garza has a Masters degree in International Development graduating cum laude. Garza is the owner of Steamy Chick the largest distributor of vaginal steam supplies in the United States. To further vaginal steam education Garza founded a branch of her company called the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute to train practitioners in the use of vaginal steam for menstrual and reproductive health and to further research on the gynecological benefits reported by hundreds of customer case studies.


episode two: kimberly johnson

Kimberly Ann Johnson is a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution practitioner, birth doula, and single mom. She specializes in helping women prepare for birth, recover from birth injuries and birth trauma, and heal from sexual trauma. She is the author of bestselling book, The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring Your Vitality She is the creator of Activate your Inner Jaguar, an online course ushering women into their full voices and sexual expression.


episode three: raquel lemus


Raquel Lemus is a Licensed Midwife based in Los Angeles who has worked with families since she was 16 yrs old and has been a birthworker and uterine health specialist since 2012. Raquel serves the LA community as a Full Spectrum Midwife, Peristeam Hydrotherapist, Placenta Specialist, Yoga Instructor, and Educator. It is her goal to connect people back to the known wisdom and intelligence of their uterus in order help them experience more joy and alignment with their life purpose!


episode four: kris gonzalez

I've always been influenced by traditional medicine since growing up and visiting my family in South Korea. I recall memories of my grandmother easing my stomach pains with hand acupressure and healing soups. This tradition has imprinted itself in the way I approach health for myself, my family and my clients. We can heal by turning to our bodies and nature. Professionally, I’m a Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified Herbalist and guide into the lost art of radical self-care called Nourishing Life or 養生 yǎng shēng. The principles are based on the preservation of health, not just the treatment of disease. The methods promote health and longevity and guides us away from those that might cause harm. I specialize in Feminine Healing Arts. I educate my clients on gaining an understanding of their biological and physiological rhythms within the lens of Chinese Medicine. I guide on gracefully approaching the 7/8 year cycles, Menstrual Attunement, and Longevity Medicine. I’m also a certified Healer Within Practice Leader from the Institute of Integral Qigong and Taichi and certified in the therapeutic application of essential oils; Aroma AcuTouch. I have the great honor of being the resident acupuncturist for Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute/Steamy Chick where I provide consultations and education on pelvic bowl steaming for healing gynecological and andrological conditions using steam and smoke therapy also known as fumigation therapy in Chinese Medicine. I am also a faculty member for Wise Womb Medicine Path Living School of the Temple & Healing Arts. I live in Santa Barbara with my husband and two young and energetic boys. When time permits and the stars are aligned I enjoy practicing qigong & yoga in nature, dancing and baking.




episode five: jaycina almond

Jaycina is a mom, a model and an entrepreneur. 




episode six: piper sunshine lovemore

Piper LoveMore is a birthworker on a mission. Her goal: to empower families around the globe to navigate their birth experiences with confidence and pleasure. To that end she has pursued certification as a Lamaze educator, a doula, and a midwife, spending countless hours in service to the parturient population.


episode seven: dr. laurena white

Dr. Laurena White has over 20 years of service and experience in the field of women's health ranging from birth doula to obstetrics/gynecology and reproductive endocrinology/infertility including acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She works closely with a carefully designed team formed especially to deliver expert care to women experiencing complex health challenges such as uterine fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. She and this illustrious team not only treat women, but also couples who are experiencing fertility challenges and are trying to conceive. Together with the team, Dr. White facilitates the transformation of complex women's health and fertility challenges by helping women and couples address the underlying root cause of their respective conditions. Using purpose-built signature programs that are unique to The Eudaimonia Center, her patients and clientele begin to flourish without taking unnecessary pharmaceutical medications and synthetic hormones or having fruitlessly invasive surgical procedures. Dr. White integrated her practice by forming a synergistic marriage between allopathic and traditional Chinese medicine treatment modalities in order to bridge the gaps in women's health care. 



episode eight: kimimila locke

Kimimila is Lakota from the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota and Ahtna Dene from Tazlina, Alaska. She has her MA in Teaching and has been in education for the past seventeen years as both a middle and high school English teacher, and a Lakota language teacher since 2013. Currently, Kimimila is co-creating and continuing to expand and develop the Mní Wičhóni Nakíčižiŋ Woúŋspe, the Defenders of the Water School, that was started during the NoDAPL Prayer Camps.

In addition, Kimimila has several projects and activities that keep her busy with her home community such as issues surrounding environmental racism, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, birth work, lactation consultation. and middle school sex education.


episode six: chaz lovemore

Chaz is a sound engineer, father of 8, husband to Piper Lovemore (our guest from episode 6). Through Lovemore Lamaze, Chaz offers workshops that educate men on how to advocate for themselves, their partners and their babies during the birthing process.